Miilo- kids Training Bike

Miilo 是一款為兒童量身打造的並且能夠陪伴孩子成長的創意兒童自行車設計。它完全可以從小盆友兩歲半的時候開始作為他們的訓練車使用,然後稍微大一點的時候,通過簡單的調整和diy就能夠變成一輛真正的兒童自行車,一直可以陪伴孩子成長到7歲的時候。小孩子長得都比較快所以大部分玩具都只是玩了那麼一個階段然後就被打入冷宮再也無人問津,鞋子和衣服也是如此。所以Andreas Bhend 決心設計一個能夠伴隨孩子們成長的單車,就像小編之前介紹過的Stokke Steps 兒童家具一樣,簡單而又耐久。這樣一款經濟實惠的創意產品不但為家長們節省了花銷,設計師還設計了很多可以安裝在自行車上的附屬產品並且放在網上供購買者下載,他們可以通過日漸成熟的3d 打印技術將下載到的模型數據瞬間打印出來使用。這也是一個非常叫人欣喜的消息。
Just like clothes and shoes, the average children’s bike must be replaced as little ones get bigger, but Miilo is a training cycle that grows up with the kid that rides it! After they’ve mastered the basics and grown taller, simply disassemble the frame and flip it upside down to create a more suitable ride for their new skills and size. The other essential components are also extendable, making it easy to convert from a tike-size trainer to single-gear in a flash. Better yet, kids will have more confidence riding the “same” bike they’ve been accustomed to!
Designer: Andreas Bhend

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