Hermès Launches Two Ultra-lightweight Luxury Bicycles

法國精品Hermès 的頂級皮革工藝眾所皆知,它從時裝皮件跨界運動產業同樣令人期待。 Flaneur d'Hermès 單車,以超輕量的碳纖維打造車身骨架,全程皆為法國當地製造,除了擁有時尚線條的絕美外型,它同時也加強了相當實用的安全規格,包括簡潔的齒輪傳動設計、後方的變速器以及液壓煞車系統等,完美結合了舒適,優雅與功能性。符合人體工學的皮革弧形把手,在座墊椅以及橫桿手提部份也加上了優質皮革,畫龍點睛提升了品牌整體奢華的質感。現在共有叁段尺寸以及四種顏色可供選擇。

''We really want to work with people who have a very deep expertise, and wherever possible, we try to find them in France {…}. We set out to make a real bike, not a decorative object. It had to be simple, efficient, easy to use, pleasant and elegant''.
François Doré,  head of the Hermès Horizons division that worked on the project (source WWD).

Hermès bicycle design reflects the craftsmanship that one has come to invariably expect of a luxury house of this standing. Of course, due to its origins as a master saddler, even if we haven't had the chance to ride one of them yet, we’re sure that the saddles on these bikes are going to be the most comfortable in the world! Combining exquisite, elegant lines with cutting-edge technology, Le Flâneur d'Hermès bicycles are as light as a feather albeit with a rather hefty $8,000 price tag! Because at the end of the day, Style as beautiful as this simply doesn’t come cheap...


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