The Gift from Budnitz Bicycles

The Gift from Budnitz Bicycles on Vimeo.
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Le Coq Sportif return with another top cycling collection, hitting homeground with a ride around ridiculously scenic Paris, inspired by the Tour de France. All over print and checkerboard patterns across ultralight short and long sleeve jerseys, antibacterial fabrics used in bib all-in-ones, reflective windbreakers and breathable jackets with waterproof zips, plenty on offer for bike enthusiasts.
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COLNAGO 650 / Ruins Taipei

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A Handsome Bicycle Repair Multi-Tool from Brooks England


  • 一個騎自行車的多工具皮套
  • 七六角扳手
  • 三螺絲刀
  • 三個梅花扳手
  • 四輻扳手
  • 一條鏈工具
  • 一個開瓶器
  • 一刀

The MT21, as goodlooking as it is useful, comes straight from the knowledgeable folk at 
Brooks England. Not content with bringing us a some of the best saddles on the market, they’ve created a beautiful multi-tool to help you out in moments of bicycle need. 7 allen keys (2mm – 8mm), 3 torx heads, a flat head screwdriver, 2 cross-head screwdrivers, 4 spoke keys, a chain tool, a bottle opener (crucial), a saddle spanner and a knife, all wrapped up in an embossed leather holder. You’re covered. Find them here.
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FGGT IRIS so in love with her new pedal Set with FGGT logo on it!!!

FGGT IRIS 裝上狗嘴套立即來試騎,好棒有自己的LOGO真好,他說他會努力把雙腳都套上去的!! 加油啊~~~ 

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Father Tu's Original Cannondale Track

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FGGT IRIS VISIT White Water Cafe @ Taipei

FGGT Iris 一拿到新狗嘴,就去白開水找小顏老闆請他裝上了,白開水就在新生南路與信義路交叉口離Iris家好近,真的好方便~~



白開水 >>

本日營業時間 11:00 - 21:00
聯絡電話02 2358 4456

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DIY Concept Kit Bike by Lucid Design Fits In One Bag


Kit Bike by Lucid Design from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Imagine a bike you could dismantle in minutes using one simple tool, which then fit entirely into a backpack not much bigger than one of the wheels. That’s the latest idea to emerge from Indian creative agency Lucid Designs, who’ve developed their “Kit Bike” as an alternative to the clunky, small-wheeled folding bikes that currently dominate the portable bicycle market.
Made from lightweight hollow aluminum tubing, each piece would hold together using a lockable turnkey, with all necessary joints accessible from one side for ease. The drivetrain would use a belt rather than a chain, much like many top-end bicycles of the moment, while the saddle and rucksack would be made of high-grade leather and the hand grips made from cork. Unfortunately the Kit Bike is still just a concept, so you can’t get your hands on one yet. You can, however, visit the agency’s website for more of their work.
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2014德國8月號的VOGUE 專題 RUSH HOUR 拍的好美喲 VIA
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Delivery from NO WEATHER on Vimeo.

已經52歲的 BILL仍舊作著做熱愛的工作,每天在交通混亂的紐約布魯克林區送著PIZZA靠著就是他那台FIXIE,而且絕對把熱呼呼新鮮的PIZZA送到你的門口!! 來看看這精彩的影片吧!!!
Bill's fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, DELIVERY unveils an intriguing man rushing food to your door while it's still hot and fresh.
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mininch Multi-Tool with Pop-A-Point Design


Hailing from Tapei City, Taiwan, mininch aims to make the ultimate DIY accessory in the form of a tool pen. Housed in solid aluminum, each pen comes with six bits, each layered over the next in a tailor-made hexagon barrel. Customers will have a choice of 13 of the most popular types of bits, which include slotted (flat), phillips, hexagon and star, all constructed from milled S45C carbon steel. The plethora of quality head choices will mean you will never be searching around for that specific tool again. Check out the video of it in action below and head over to Kickstarter to find out more about this project.
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