No Quarter Plum Crazy

No Quarter 的老闆是一位僅僅19歲的英國人在網路上開的車行,來看看這台藍紫色的No Quarter Plum Crazy 新車,也順便看看這位19歲車行老闆的介紹喲>> GO

No Quarter is an online one-stop shop for all your fixed-gear and track requirements. The full Cinelli range is stocked, from components to apparel, as well as Miche, Phil Wood, All-City, Surly and Specialites TA. A full restoration service is offered, of which Plum Crazy is their first — and a fine example it turned out to be. I asked James to explain the background to his business, No Quarter:
Who are you? My name is James Langton, I’m 19 and from the UK. I’m the director here at No Quarter, UK. We’re certainly the new guys in town, joining the cycling business some 2 years ago, but we’ve hit the ground running. NQ is an elite team of cyclists, painters, wheel-builders and a photographer. We are based online but we do everything in-house at our little workshop in Leicestershire, slap bang in the middle of the UK.


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