sphyke lock nut

C3N Sphyke系統是最新幫您的單車的加鎖裝置, 只要在您的輪組外側以及椅墊下方加裝這個裝置,變可以防盜囉!!來看看影片的解說吧!

The Sphyke C3N system is novel, even innovative. But most importantly is that it holds your wheels/saddle on… tight!! The indisputable best fastener is the NUT or the HEX screw. Both 6 sided, the most tried and true way. Every product in the C3N range holds your wheel/saddle on via one of these. As an example our NUT is CNC Machined in Taiwan from solid 10-8 steel. It torques to an incredible 35Nm. Ample for horizontal drop outs. Our skewers are high tensile rolled Chromoly Rod sourced from a specialised, highly respected Taiwanese manufacturer. Our combination lock simply encases the fastener with stainless steel shielding.

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