Shinola x Map of Days Leather-Covered Bike Chain

Having already established itself as one of the preeminent American accessories manufacturers, Shinola taps the expertise of North Carolina leather workshop Map of Days to create a special accessory for urban cyclists. The two parties came together for a leather-covered bike chain, adding a luxe touch to an otherwise mundane object. The forged, brawny chain comes draped in Horween Essex leather – the finest American leather – to not only look pretty, but also offer protection from scuffing. Offered in three colorways, pick up this piece from Shinola’s webshopnow for $285 USD.
底特律配件品牌 Shinola 最近攜手北卡羅萊納州皮革工作坊 Map of Days,結合專業技術為城市騎行創作了特別配件。兩個品牌合作推出了一款皮革自行車鎖鏈,為一個原本並不起眼的日常配備增添了一絲奢華。採用了 Horween Essex 優質美國馬皮,不僅美觀並且保護避鎖鏈免划傷。目前有三種配色可以選擇,售價 $285 美元,可以前往 Shinola 網店購買。

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