棘輪登山鉤 44克 - 103.5 x 52.15 x 11.5mm

  • 一組扭力可達三十牛頓米的1/4"定向棘輪
  • 開瓶器
  • 挑選航太等級鋁合金(6061-T6)高壓鍛造及CNC加工
  • 表面噴砂陽極處理

工具頭組(10件含固定座) 32克 - 84 x 45 x 10.5mm

  •  對應 十字 一字 Torx 25
  • 內六角 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6mm

套筒延長座(10件含固定座) 124克 - 135 x 22 x 24mm

工具片29克 - 80 x 33 x 7.5mm

  • 15mm板手
  • 14 / 15 g輻條板手
  • 5/ 8/ 10mm六角板手

WOKit™ - Carabiner multi-tool is a
revolutionary design! The
patented design securely locks the wrench to the carabiner
body, so the carabiner body becomes an extended handle. A
compact bicycle tool that features 18 commonly used tools.
It is the only tool in its class to include a high-leverage
15 mm wrench for axle nuts and pedals. The WOKit™ -
Carabiner multi-tool “CARRY SMART and WITH
we make WOKit™In
general, cyclists and other outdoor sports enthusiasts
require tools that are slim and small, easy to carry. Due to
the small size of some tools, performance is severely
limited. In the most ideal situation, household tools are
best to use, but because weight is of upmost importance to
cyclists, WOHO has decided to make a compact and effective
carabiner tool. WOHO has their customers in mind and has
designed a tool that allows cycling travelers faced with
disassembling wheel sets, handle stems, and saddles all fit
right on their belt loop. Boarding an airplane or a train
with your bicycle has never been so easy.
To make the life of the cyclist and outdoor
sports enthusiasts more convenient, WOHO has taken advantage
of the carabiner feature. The patented design securely locks
the wrench to the tool body, and can be easily tightened or
loosened. It solves emergency situations that sports
enthusiasts may be faced against.MULTIPLE,
PORTABLE AND USE IT ANYWHERE! ANYTIME!WOKit™ - The carabiner multi-tool
includes a rotating ratchet, coupled with 9 different sized
hex tool heads, allowing more functionality. The most
important feature of the tool is the beer bottle opener
arranged on the top of the carabiner. The head tool piece is
a 15mm wrench which can easily remove pedals or hubs. In the
middle there are 5 / 8 / 10mm enclosed hex wrenches, and on
the end of the pieces there are two kinds of surfaces (14 /
15g spoke wrench). The tool also has a laser engraved metric
scale.Features1/4"Ratchet (Torque 30Nm max)Bottle
OpenerRuler5 / 8/10mm box wrench15mm
open-end wrench14G / 15G
spoke wrench
Tool Bits:Hex 2 /2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6Torx25PH3SL6DR.Socket
Adapter & Extender
Socket set:5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13mm (Standard)3/8"-1/2"-9/16" (Skateboard
kit)  SpecificationSize & Weights:Carabiner - 103.5 x 52.15 x 11.5mm /
44gWrench - 80 x 33 x 7.5mm / 29gTool bits
10pcs - 84 x 45 x 10.5mm / 32gSocket set
- 135 x 22 x 24mm / 124g
- 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum Alloy w/ CNC
detailingWrench - Cr-Mo Heat-Treated Alloy Steel, laser
imprintedTool Bits - Sandblasted Alloy
SteelSocket set - Chrome-plated Medium Carbon
Steel  Comes with
2 colors: Black & Titanium grayDesign & PrototypeThe very
first concept is from Carabiner + Tool ,We obviously loved
this idea, and hoped enabling this idea to come true, We
been working on the WOKit™ project 18 month ago, thus
we paid many efforts on running lots of experiments,
material testing, features add-on or adjustments, design
& re-design, also try more than 10 prototype samples to
make sure all the functionality also durable. 3D printing
also being used on WOKit™ project!About UsUrban
street is our playground.Riders
flux onto the urban street with their colorful gears. Their
vision is simple: music, art and fashion are their daily
elements! We bring you the most colorful and fashionable
bicycle gears. We ride with style and a taste of life.
We are WOHO Riders ! !

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