Snake printed raincoat

蛇紋的防風小雨衣飾不是很好看啊,重量輕又好攜帶絕對是目前5、6月出門騎車得好選擇! 看更多>>

Beautifully designed raincoat! Made of fashionable snake print waterproof fabric in shades of blue & gray, that is so lightweight, this jacket that is ready whenever you need it and when you’re done, it folds into a small waterproof bag. So if you're hiking, biking or taking a walk in the sun and all of the sudden it starts raining, you’re covered! The WE*LOVE*FUSS raincoat is perfect to carry in your bag, to protect you, keep you dry and give you a cool, chic, coveted look!!!! With our WE*LOVE*FUSS raincoat, rain will become your best friend! Limited edition!!! Only 18 coats are available in this print! Get yours today.

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