LITELOK Develop Lightweight, Flexible and Ultra-Secure Bike Lock

LITELOK 發表 新的自行車鎖輕於1公斤,容易攜帶,而且能足以承受五分多鐘的斷線鉗或鋼鋸得持續攻擊,來看看影片吧!

Bike theft is a huge problem around the world. Nowadays, half the money you spend on a fast and lightweight bike is undone by the half-ton of metal you need to carry around in order to secure it, and there have been few developments to counter the wisdom that heavier = harder to steal.
Determined to reverse that trend, UK-based startup LITELOK are in the final stages of a Kickstarter campaign to bring a whole new kind of bike lock to the marketplace. Bendy and flexible enough to wrap in a circle, lighter than 1 kg and strong enough to withstand over five minutes of sustained attack with bolt cutters or a hacksaw (earning it the highest industry security rating), the LITELOK promises a lot. And, with 24 days to go until their funding deadline and five times their goal raised, it seems a lot of people are inclined to believe it. It certainly looks impressive, with its slick, click-lock closure, choice of three colorways and option to extend in length by attaching additional units end-to-end.
To see the full presentation, watch the video below. You can order your own LITELOK via Kickstarter, with an estimated shipment in August this year.

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  2. I'm sorry to say that their "in house" testing amounts to mere drama than actual testing. There's no test to failure, and I think everyone knows that everything can fail, just depend on how hard you try.

    #1 The bolt-cutter testing looks rather like they are trying to massage the link than trying to cut it. If you really want to cut something, you wouldn't be opening and closing the cutter like mad. You would, instead, close it tight and step on the thing with your entire body weight.

    #2 The hacksaw... is he trying the scratch the link or is he trying to saw the link? Put your back into it and both hand on the saw if you really want to saw through it. Then again, I guess they don't want to saw through it.

    #3 Are they kidding me??? What kind of test is this waving the flame around like that, are they trying to make lightly cooked sushi or trying to break a lock? When they finally put the flame head on, they never tried to pull it apart with some kind of metal bar while it is glowing red hot. When they do pull on it, clearly everyone can see it is now cold again. So what's the freaking point of this test?

    #4 What are they cutting? a carbon steel block next to the lock? Angle grinder will eat through it like a slightly hard butter if you have a proper blade for the hardened material. Perhaps they know that too, that's why you are cutting it in the dark, so that no one can see that they are just fidgeting around and not really cutting the lock. Where's that camera that they attached to the bolt cutter and hacksaw??