Mike Giant x Cinelli /video

WINGEDSTORE.COM traveled to the home of the legendary illustrator and friend of Cinelli Mike Giant in Boulder, CO. We spoke with Mike about the RAM carbon fiber handlebar collaboration, as well as his relationship with Cinelli and its President Antonio Colombo.
In the late 2000s, with increasing excitement over the fixed-gear movement, and in particular over Cinelli’s collaborations and friendship’s with MASH and RVCA, Cinelli President Antonio Colombo found himself traveling to California more and more frequently and socializing in the new scene created around these bicycles. On one of these trips in 2008 he met Mike Giant, already a world-renowned tattoo artist working more and more in illustration. As well as being an avid everyday rider, Mike had an extremely strong interest in fixed gear bikes, their subversive politics, and the kids riding them.
In Antonio Colombo he found not only and eager and willing patron for his art (Giant would have a show at Colombo’s Milanese gallery in February 2010), but also a vehicle for bringing his drawings into explicit contact with the fixed-gear movement, and the world of cycling, on a global level. The numerous Mike Giant x Cinelli projects that would follow are among the most exciting Cinelli product collaborations to date.

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