Light-up Torch helmets set for February launch (video)

Light-up Torch安全帽將在2月推出,他非常的亮擁有10個LED燈 - 5在前面5在後面 ,有4種不同的燈光變化更有12小時的電池壽命,而且充電石只需簡單的USB舊可以囉~~~

The helmet features 10 LED lights – five at the front and five at the rear – all of which are fully integrated into the body of the helmet, and have four different functions including flash. Torch give a claimed battery life of 12 hours, with charging done via a single USB cable, meaning it can be plugged into your computer at work if you need a little boost to get you home safely.

With the weight of the Torch helmet sitting north of 360g, this certainly isn’t one for the weight weenies, although it’s still not bad considering that’s effectively getting you a helmet and front and rear lights. The same could be said of the price, which at £85 certainly doesn’t make it a budget option, but seems reasonable 

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