Wooddle, Slender Modern Bike Seat

另類時尚 超纖薄的WOODDLE木飾面座包

這個新概念的自行車鞍座由設計師ROBERTO LOMBARDI設計。 Wooddle完全由木飾面和鑄鋁部件組成,使其輕盈且強硬。其概念來自於人體工程學循環軌道研究和木材的機械性能。從而降低了座椅的長度,也使受力材料的曲線分佈適應於實際的使用。 Wooddle有兩個版本的定制座椅:木質和防水矽膠,防水矽膠在使用過程中可以增加摩擦力。

Wooddle is a modern bike seat created by Italian designer Roberto Lombardi. Big on color yet slender in shape, the cycling accessory is a head-turner and a minimalist innovation. The design is crafted from die-cast aluminum and one’s choice of silicone or veneered wood. Either option is waterproof, lightweight, and durable, performing just as well if not better than a standard bicycle seat.
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