Lumo 的單車風衣和一般便服外套設計差不多,原來前後各有一條隱藏式LED 燈,在騎車時提供更佳的安全性。
Lumo 的內置LED 燈由外置USB 充電池驅動,前面為白色,後面是紅色;400 米外的道路使用者都可以看得見。 LED 燈不但防水,還可以連同風衣一同清洗。 Lumo 最大特色是採用便服外套的設計,就算日常穿著都非常好滴。

It used to be that cyclists didn’t have much of a choice — either drape yourself in neon colors and reflector stripes, or dress like a normal person and run the risk of becoming roadkill on your way back from work. There wasn’t much of a middle ground before, but now, thanks to up-and-coming London-based startup Lumo, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of safety, or vice-versa.
Lumo gear was built from the ground up to give cyclists the best of both worlds. During the day, the company’s jackets and bags look like normal everyday apparel — no reflective seams or bright, gaudy colors that assault your eyes. But despite their unassuming appearance, the jackets and bags are outfitted with rows of high-brightness LED strips on the front and back, subtly hidden within the construction of the design.

Almost completely concealed until they’re switched on, these lights are visible from over a quarter mile away, and are placed in such a way that they’re visible regardless of your riding position. The LEDs are completely waterproof, washable, and powered by a removable USB-rechargeable battery unit that’s tucked away in a small inside pocket.

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