在義大利 位於Siena這個漂亮的小鎮Gaiole in Chianti,正舉行一個老式的自行車運動嘉年華,不但有自行車比賽還有美酒、美食、單車老品零件等等,好棒的生活耶~

It is hard to beat the scenic views in Gaiole in Chianti. The small town, based in Siena, in Italy’s Tuscan wine country, seems to be a quiet destination for those exploring Chianti’s various vineyards as well as the rolling hills and dusty white roads that connect them. Once a year, Gaiole in Chianti and the surrounding region hosts L’Eroica, a vintage cycling sportive that is like none other in the world. The 2014 L’Eroica race took place on a Sunday, October 5 , for which 5,500 participants were lucky enough to land tickets from a pool of 20,000 applicants. We traveled to the historic race ourselves to ride the medium-length course, the 70km.
Founded in 1997, L’Eroica (Italian for “heroic”) is a throwback race that celebrates the region’s vast cycling history and one that has helped preserved the area’s unpaved and rocky “white roads” that line the Tuscan countryside. These roads were fighting a losing battle to municipal repaving that looked to modernize the drive through Tuscany — But L’Eroica and the popularity of the race course has put a halt to much of the repaving, allowing for the area to remain as it was for centuries. 
Complimenting these historic roads are certain rules that keep L’Eroica as vintage as possible: bicycles entered into the sportive must be older than 1987 and cannot use modern bicycle components; friction shifters and toe cages only, please. The same holds true to dress code: vintage wool jerseys of generations lined the backs of almost all L’Eroica competitors.
At each check-in stop, locals generously offer up foods and endless pours of wine to feed the soul and warm the heart. At every turn, there is a friendly face welcoming you on your journey through lovely Italian towns. This, in itself, makes L’Eroica incredibly warm and inviting. It cannot be understated how much the people and atmosphere of the race make it what it is. While it is a race, there is no rush to win or break your “P.R.” — Rather, L’Eroica reminds us to enjoy the views, the bicycles and more importantly, ourselves.
Thanks to our hosts, Brooks England, official sponsors of L’Eroica, for inviting us on the ride of a lifetime.

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