SSYC’s Convertible “Tack Sling” Tote Backpack Can Hold Anything

來自紐約的品牌SSCY推出了一款既可手提當托特包,又可以後背得多功能背包"Tack Sling"!  這款背包巧妙的運用了他的可調節的肩帶把包包分隔內外層,讓你可以把輪組或滑板比較難固定的東西固定在裡頭,非常適合大都市通勤的使用!

台灣的朋友即將可以在台北 LAB Taipei 看到喲~~
Part tote, part backpack, the Tack Sling by innovative New York bag maker SSYC give us the best of both worlds. Riding the cycle? Cool, roll with the backpack. Once you arrive at your destination, the pack easily converts to a tote for easy storage of, well, anything. The Tack Sling features two main compartments that separate via adjustable straps to house oddly sized objects like box packages or even a bike wheel. This multi-purpose pack has us wondering why our backpacks don’t do this. Pick it up and learn more directly through SSYC.

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