Mission Workshop Black Camo Series messenger bags

以機能性著稱的舊金山包袋品Mission Workshop,日前又爲旗下 Black Camo 系列
新增了几款郵差包。設計上主要是以傳統的郵差包爲藍本出發,並采用了搭載 MultiCam 黑色迷彩的 Cordura 物料制作而成,不僅結實耐磨還具有防水的特性,可謂兼具時尚外觀與機能表現。此外,該系列郵差包還分為「Roll-Top」和「Flat Down」兩種閉合模式,在爲用戶提供更多便利的同時也豐富了單品的搭配性。目前,全新 Black Camo 系列郵差包已可經由品牌
線上店鋪購得,定價爲 $249 美元起。

Featuring a lineup of hard-wearing bags and apparel, Mission Workshop‘s products are perfectly suited for the fast-paced urban lifestyle and its latest offering is no different. The Black Camo Series is comprised of a limited edition messenger bag design available in three different sizes, and is manufactured in the U.S. using MultiCam-black Cordura and equipped with black metal hardware throughout. The main component of the design is a weatherproof roll-top main compartment which can be switched between “roll-top” or “flap down” configurations. Details include quick-access outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, custom aluminum strap hardware, and detachable cross-chest stabilizer. Available with a lifetime warranty, the Black Camo Series is now retailing online starting from $249 USD.

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