MR PORTER 幫愛騎車的都會型男精選了幾樣單品,秋天/冬天這樣穿好CLASSIC啊~~
When bicycles became a ubiquitous addition to city life during the 19th century, the fashions of the time worked accordingly. Suit makers and dress makers of the time took into account cycling as part of a casual routine of leisure. As automobiles came to dominate the streets and become the preferred mode of transportation along side city buses and subways, fashion pulled away from catering to the cyclist for quite some time.
And while cycling for commuting has long been a mainstay in many European cities and Asia, North America has seen a major rise in riding for transportation over the last 10 years largely due to the recession and increasing fuels costs.
Today it comes as no surprise that fashion is once again filling the needs of bicycle commuters looking for garments that function well on and off the bike. A variety of niche brands have popped up to take the lead in the urban cycling fashion space – OutlierGiroRaphaParker Dusseau come to mind – there is always room for more.
Enter the new MR PORTER x Incotex Urban Cycling Collection: a range of Italian-made garments exclusive to the online retailer from the strong casual wear line. Incotex and MR PORTER offer a tight collection of goods that should work well for more. The clear standout from the collection is the reflective wool blazerand trouser combo perfect for the guy who needs to wear a suit. Incotex add a touch of stretch to the ensemble ensuring proper movement while on the bicycle. With luck, this is just the start of traditional fashion re-entering the cycling space.VIA

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