Fixie For Life

“The bicycle has a soul … it will give you emotions that you will never forget.” “自行車是有靈魂的...它會帶給你永不忘懷的感覺。”  就是FIXIE FOR LIFE 這本攝影集,想表達的主旨! 
單速車,一部簡單的機器,已經激發了多樣化,創造性的文化,就在這本書裡集結了世界各地很棒的FIXIE攝影作品,當然我們的Father Tu的作品一定也在裡面!
而且最開心的是我們Father Tu 拍攝我們FGGT MAO當這本書的封面喲~  ( 外國人真有眼光~~ 哈哈哈哈)


publish by 
Summersdale Publishers

Fixies and single-speeds take cycling back to square one – bare-bones bikes that can be
dressed up or stripped down; simple machines that have inspired a diverse, inventive culture.

According to cycling legend Henri Desgrange, ‘variable gears are only for people over fortyfive.’
As a French track cyclist, Henri may have been caught up in his own hype, but whether
he was right or wrong, he set the tone for fixed-wheel and single-speed riders: he twinned the
solo gear with a bad-ass attitude (and a bad-ass moustache). Today, fixie and single-speed
riders still rock that attitude (and some rock bad-ass moustaches), though it doesn’t
necessarily come from being hard-core. Instead, they bring the creativity – they customise
their rides with deep-drop track bars and high-end racing saddles, as well as leopard-print
top-tube pads and playing-card spoke decorations; they tear up the streets pulling keo spins
and wheelies, take over parking lots with bike polo games and speed through the city with
Far from being restrictive, the single gear has opened up a world with endless possibilities for
a rider to be part of a culture, a movement, a style. This book celebrates that style.
“The bicycle has a soul … it will give you emotions that you will never forget.”
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publish by Summersdale Publishers

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