ABUS | 410 Ultra U-Locks

進階版U-Locks,符合人體工程學的圓形鎖體加上強化了原有的材質防止切割和扭曲,有興趣的朋友可以到 ABUS 去看看>>

ABUS has released their new 410 Ultra lineup that was designed to complete the 400 u-lock series. Dropping soon at a LBS near you. All models come with and without a loop cable option.
“This attractive and easy to use lock fills the gap in ABUS entry level u-lock security at an incredibly pocket-friendly price point and shines by offering an complete collection of locks: the mini; mini with cobra cable; long shackle mini; long shackle mini-u with cobra cable; standard size, standard with cobra cable; and a long shackle version.”
The new 410 Ultra line up is packed with technology and high quality materials that make it an unbelievable value in bicycle security:
• Unique state of the art 12mm Solid Secure Silver rated, round shackly
• Security Level 8 • Innovative new 6-wafer key cylinder – provides high level of protection against picking • Hardened lock body • Ergonomic round lock body • Double bolting shackle – protects against cutting and twisting attacks • Simple to use, rattle-free SH34 bracket (fits 24-35mm frames)

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