Tour De France | Le Tour Cycling/Work Suit

Owen Scot “Tour de France” 通勤西服從外觀看和正裝絲毫沒有區別,然而當你翻開領子、胸袋、底袋、袖口和褲腳,就會發現另有乾坤了,醒目的黃色也正是像徵著環法自行車賽的領騎衫,而這樣的色彩可以確保你在人群種的醒目度,以增加一定的安全係數。西服的兩側底腳可通過鈕扣固定在上方口袋,這樣可以更好的方便兩條腿做運動。 Owen Scot 選用的是70% 的羊毛和30% 的馬海毛混紡而成,提供一定的耐磨和舒適性。為增加透氣效果,西服內部特別以半襯裡的設計呈現。這樣的西服絕對是喜歡騎單車的Office 一族們不錯的選擇。現可通過Owen Scot 線上店鋪購買,售價為£495 英鎊。

- Nanobloc is a specially developed finish that forms a high performance stain resistance around the fibres of the fabric without affecting the luxury soft feel of the cloth. Liquids like wine, water, coffee etc simply bead up and roll off and even ground in stains wash out easily, keeping fabrics looking new for longer. During the multi stage finishing process a chemical is applied to the cloth which forms a uniform, invisible nano molecular coating around the individual fibres creating a highly functional barrier without losing the fabric integrity and texture.


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