These Philippe Starck Bicycle Helmets Look Too Good to Wear

Philippe Starck設計的單車頭盔有著優美的曲線、太空時代的遮陽板,還有光滑的金屬質感,乍一看,這些頭盔看起來像是未來電影中的設計一般。Starck從摩托車的世界裡吸收了靈感,把它運動到單車頭盔的設計當中。如今,他已經與Giro聯手開始投入這些頭盔的製作當中。除去拉風的設計,這一頭盔的結構也超強:由鋁和軟木作為內襯,以保護使用者免於傷害;而軟木的質地看起來雖然不是一個好的選擇,但它符合時速45公里的EAPC規定,既防水還有著抗微生物的性能。

With their slinky curves, space-age visors and sleek polished metallic finish, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these helmets were part of the costume design for a futuristic movie. Nope, they're just Philippe Starck's bicycle helmets.
Citing the world of motorcycling as his source of inspiration, Starck has teamed up withCalifornia-based Giro to create these helmets. The S+ARCKBIKE lids are made of aluminum and have a cork liner to protect against injury. You may think that cork is a bad choice, but it meets 45km/h EAPC regulations, and is water-resistant and anti-mcrobial to boot. So that's something. The visors are there to "protect from the cold and projectiles."
They're not perhaps the most practical of helmets, but they do look amazing. Pricing and availability are yet to be announced. [Moco Loco]

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