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總部設在哥本哈根的Omnium Cargo Bikes,專門為貨運自行車而設計的,重點在前方的載貨架可快速調節重量又輕,在簡單的加法編織乳膠內管在上加強了避震效果,讓你不管放上兒童座以或寵物座椅都大可以放心!

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Omnium Bikes, based in Copenhagen, makes fast, light cargo bikes. We have three models: the original Omnium Cargo; a long design with a large cargo area, the Omnium Mini which is a ‘Short John’ bike with a smaller cargo rack and the Omnium Mini-Max which is a shorter and even nippier version of the Cargo. You can choose one of our standard builds (see the price list), buy just a frame-set, or order a complete custom bike for collection or Worldwide delivery from our webshop OmniumBikes.tictail.com, one of dealers, or just by email. We are always looking for more dealers, so please get in touch.

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