Monsieur velo / Barcelona

Father Tu 在西班牙巴塞隆納拜訪了第二家腳踏車店"Monsieur velo"。
"Monsieur velo" 喜愛把經典的老腳踏車還原成如同新的模樣,還有一些精典的腳踏車老配件也可以在這家店找到,就有如小博物館一樣,很多東西可以慢慢的看~~

To return the old bike to its original condition and make classical jewelry two wheels are back new as the first day, Monsieur Velo is the place. The workshop specializes in the restoration, modification, customization and selling old bikes. Here you will also find new and vintage accessories

photo by Father Tu 

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