Jason Hall - Slow Roll

Jason Hall 帶動一個城市動起來

Jason Hall 用他的iPad,將每週的單車活動轉變成社群活動,帶動數以千計的人群以單車騎行重新和汽車城連繫在一起。

Slow Roll 城市單車騎行活動的共同創辦人 Jason Hall,帶動數以千計的人群以單車實地去體驗底特律的重生。Jason Hall 善用社群精神和他的 iPad,將每週的活動,轉變成激發城市魅力的泉源。 看更多>>
Detroit activist Jason Hall and his massive Slow Roll bike ride are the stars of a new Apple iPad commercial that went live today. In the spot, Hall describes how he uses the device to map Slow Roll routes, order T shirts, design flyers, and more.

The spot, which features Apple's typically precious art direction, sees Hall explaining that he co-created Slow Roll in part to fight the negative image of Detroit by giving people an on-the-streets view of what's actually going on in the city. What started as a meetup of dozens soon multiplied into an event that draws over 1,000. "Detroit is diversity at its best, and Slow Roll is that," Hall says.

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