Cinelli x MASH | Columbus Frameset

Cinelli 出了新款青漆鋼管車~用了Columbus管材,還在前方多設計一個製物架,感覺在都會或郊遊上騎乘都很適合不是嗎?
We are pleased to share a special project we have been working on with Chas Christiansen and the team at Columbus/Cinelli. Enclosed are some details of our first Columbus steel frame set. This unique platform is intended to solve for a broad range of needs with one bike. Chas travels heavily –racing alley cats, working as a messenger, racing cyclocross; so this bike was born from those diverse needs. The geo has a high bottom bracket, and is agressive in nature, but allows for weight to be carried on the front rack while feeling stable. The frame and fork have removable canti brake bosses, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixed gear, or single speed cyclocross frame set, including internal cable routing for the rear brake.  Both the frame and fork will clear 35c tires for dirt, or a smooth street tire. We kept a raw look, keeping the weld heat markings, adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates Columbus, whom we are proud to call family. Garrett Chow drew on the historical Cinelli and Columbus art archive to detail this frame set in a timeless manner. Look for more updates this week on this frame set, as well as the Parallax, and Histogram models.

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