Velo Sock Bicycle Cover Helps Keep Your Apartment Clean

來自拉脫維亞的設計品牌Velo Sock 日前就推出了這樣一款保護罩,讓你的家裡保持乾淨又顯得非常時尚,它在使用時是由下往上套住妳的愛車,遠遠看去就像是給妳的自行車穿上了一支襪子。保護罩使用了滌綸等化學纖維製成,具有極高的伸縮性。而在外觀上,Velo Sock 設計了多種花式以供消費者選擇,喜歡的朋友不要錯過。
To improve the bicycle storage of urban cyclists, Latvia-based brand Velo Sock has developed a unique and innovative bicycle cover, named Velo Sock, which is all about keeping your apartment clean in a stylish way. The sock-like cover is made from a flexible material mix consisting of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Once it has accumulated sand or other impurities, it can be turned inside out and cleaned. If the bike has left stains on the Velo Sock, it can also be placed in a washing machine for a wash. The sock-like cover is fitted by lifting the front wheel of the bicycle and placing it around the wheel—the fabric should fully fit and tightly adhere to the bicycle wheel. Once done, gently pull the Velo Sock over the pedals, gears and rear wheel, taking care that the fabric does not become jammed behind the bicycle’s sharp parts. Voila. Velo Sock is now available at the brand’s online store for $69 USD.

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