The Yerka Project Create the World’s First “Unstealable” Bike

這個名字叫 "偷不走的腳踏車"
The Yerka Project,重點設計就是在腳踏車與鎖本身就為一體,貼期來是不是很奇特那就來看看影片吧~ 

As grieving cycle enthusiasts the world over know all too well, a bike is an easy target for theft. A trio of engineers from Chile have teamed up and created the prototype for a supposedly unstealable bike. Dubbed “The Yerka Project”, the cycle’s frame closes in on itself to secure the bike, meaning the only way it can be stolen is by breaking the frame itself.
The project’s creators  elaborate – “We are three engineering students, that being victims of the theft of our bicycles, decided to develop a technology that prevents this…Today we continue to develop this project, which we believe will be a huge help for all of you, bike enthusiasts.”

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