Pensa & Horse Cycles Design Their Ultimate Urban Bike, the Merge

WOW~ 現在每一家都在出SMART bike, 每一台都講求多功能與方便的收納! 來看看這台2014
俄勒岡州Horse Cycles 所設計的Urban Bike,不但把USB充電接口放進設計理,外加可伸縮的後翼子板,隱藏式照明,一個發電前輪轂和一個可收藏的折疊式自行車架,合併看起來無縫地整合其方便的功能集成到框架中,不清楚的話來看看影片就知道囉!!
Produced for the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, creative agency Pensa and Horse Cycles come together to offer their answer to cycling in urban environments, the Merge. The Brooklyn based firms aimed to create a bike that pushed functionality and practical concerns – compact and versatile, inspired by the unfriendly roads of NYC. Featuring a USB charging port, retractable rear fender, recessed lighting, an electricity generating front hub and a clever foldable bike rack, the Merge looks to integrate its handy features seamlessly into the frame.

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