Nisna Industries 曾經生產過不少木製的單車配件,他們早前透過 Kickstarter 集資網站發表最新的 Daily Grip 木製單車手柄握把,用上後未必會帶來最舒適的手感,但就肯定為單車帶來更佳的外觀。而桃木或楓木製成的 Daily Grip,內裡用上了航空級數的鋁金屬和銅製的螺絲,質感十足。如果單車對你來說是一種生活態度,而不是一項競速運動,追求單車的美觀、質感,多於速度或實用性。木製的 Daily Grip 可能是你下一件更換的單車補品,現時正在 Kickstarter 集資中,現時的最低入手價位 55 美元(約 426 港元)。如果集資成功,11 月就會正式上市。
Nisna Industries have sent over some gorgeous wooden bicycle accessories in the past, and their latest is no exception. The new Daily grips are made from mahogany and maple woods with an aircraft grade aluminum core and brass fasteners. They’re meant to last a lifetime.
The project has been in the works for quite a while, with testing for different material types, shapes and lengths. They ended up with the shape you see here, which uses two brass screws to tighten them against the handlebar. That gives them the full width of the grip to use for hand placement rather than losing space to a lock ring, and they say the brass is soft enough not to mar your handlebar but strong enough to securely hold the grip in place. The wood grip is pressed over an alloy core to give it a consistent shape and strong foundation that’ll prevent it from cracking during installation or use.

It just went live on Kickstarter with a very small ask of $7,000, and they’re well on their way. More pics, video and links below…

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