Knog [qudos] Action

看到Pedal consumption介紹的這款Knog出的新燈qudos,覺得好有趣,這款燈與GOPRO2和Hero3/ Hero3+可以完全配合得天衣無縫,擁有強大的LED照明,重量只有150克,[qudos]有多種模式調節亮度和光的速度,使用戶能夠控制他們的鏡頭在任何場景或位置 - 無論是在深海下,高空上,或在兩者之間的任何地方,都能有很棒的照明功能。
I have this list in my head of all the things I want to buy… regardless if it’s beneficial to me or not. For the past year, I’ve had my sights locked on a GoPro HERO3+, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger without that little nudge. Well, today I felt that nudge after seeing the Knog [qudos] Action.
“Offering unprecedented freedom for nocturnal thrill-seekers, the [qudos] action seamlessly partners the GoPro 2 and Hero3/Hero3+, as well as Sony action cam or any action camera with GoPro conversion mounts. Delivering a mighty 400 lumens of light from its three powerful Cree LEDs and weighing only 150 grams, the [qudos] has multiple modes to adjust brightness and light speed, allowing users to control their shots in any scene or location – whether deep underwater, high in the sky, or anywhere in between.”

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