Fixie of the day - Jim Bundy

The 2014 Sydney Classic Bicycle Show was held in March which, including the customary sticky heat that accompanies that date, seems like a lifetime ago, especially now, in August, when Sydney is in the middle of a month-long thunderstorm. One of the bikes that graced the concourse was this vintage track frame, converted to an around-towner, built by an iconic Aussie builder: Jim Bundy.

The Bundy name is well known among Australian cyclists, young and old. Jim, now in his 80s, specialised in reliable track bikes for many club racers and pros, a tradition carried on by his son, Peter. This frame was built between 1960 and 1970 by Jim from the lesser-known Falck tubing — a brand more commonly seen in Europe. A few sets, however, obviously made it to Australia.


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