Cinelli x Jean-Luc Moerman Fixed Gear Bikes

來看看Cinelli 與藝術家Luc Moerman出的這一系列Fixed Gear Bikes 是不是超彩色超搶眼的啊~~
Cinelli, crafters of some of the finest road bikes ever to come out of Italy, have teamed up with Beligan artist Jean-Luc Moerman on a full range of jaw-dropping new fixed-gear bicycles. While Moerman is best known for his work defacing photos of models and celebrities with hyper-intricate body tattoos, this collaboration exhibits an entirely more colourful side to him and his work. Across a series of 11 bikes in varying frame sizes the artist has been given free reign to apply a multitude of color to each component, resulting in some unquestionably eye-catching and at times eyeball-punishing combinations. While the exact specs differ for each model, only the highest grade components have been used across the board. For full in-depth details, click here.

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