AnyKicks - Clipless pedals have met their match


喜歡上卡的朋友是不是常常覺的還要另外帶一雙鞋子出來換很麻煩ㄋ? 來看這個新的設計,AnyKicks使您能夠使用任何鞋與任何無夾踏板系統,看看影片就知道,這個AnyKicks的設計蠻棒得喲。

Love riding with clipless pedals? Hate carrying an extra pair of shoes around with you? Still want foot retention? Finally a solution.

AnyKicks are the patent pending adapters that enable you to use any shoe with any clipless pedal system, without sacrificing foot retention and while maximizing the underlying pedal technology that makes clipless pedals so appealing.

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