New Inflation by Portland Design Works

忍者打胎氣,看起來方便好攜帶,又可以讓你在充氣時不會打爆你的輪胎是不是還不錯啊~~ 他們宣傳影片拍的還蠻可愛的呦~來看看吧!!

The Ninja™ Pump puts the ancient arts of stealth and power in the palm of your hand. It is master of two fighting styles: Pump and CO2 inflator. It knows the way of the Schrader and Presta, and threads on to both for secure inflation.
Like any highly-trained warrior, it excels under pressure, and can overcome even the most formidable 120psi tire. Alloy construction gives it the strength of a dragon and the beauty of a crane. With the Ninja™, there is no try, only do.


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