Marshall ‘Loose Goose’

在第4屆Pushies Galore 腳踏車SHOW發表得手工車與Takhions有著奇怪創新性幾何形狀是不是很美啊!!!

The fourth annual 
Pushies Galore bicycle show takes place this weekend in Brisbane which, if any of the previous events can be used as a benchmark, will prove to be the most memorable yet. A few surprises will be unveiled at the show, one of which is this pursuit bike, modified and customised by an industrial designer named Brad Marshall.
Brad referenced the innovative geometries of well-known pursuit frames such as the famous Takhions and Textimas. Brad’s creation actually started off as a bog-standard lugged CrMo road frame, to which a new integrated seat mast was brazed, along with aero gussets at each tube junction and a custom fork with a stem integrated into the crown.

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