DIY Concept Kit Bike by Lucid Design Fits In One Bag


Kit Bike by Lucid Design from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Imagine a bike you could dismantle in minutes using one simple tool, which then fit entirely into a backpack not much bigger than one of the wheels. That’s the latest idea to emerge from Indian creative agency Lucid Designs, who’ve developed their “Kit Bike” as an alternative to the clunky, small-wheeled folding bikes that currently dominate the portable bicycle market.
Made from lightweight hollow aluminum tubing, each piece would hold together using a lockable turnkey, with all necessary joints accessible from one side for ease. The drivetrain would use a belt rather than a chain, much like many top-end bicycles of the moment, while the saddle and rucksack would be made of high-grade leather and the hand grips made from cork. Unfortunately the Kit Bike is still just a concept, so you can’t get your hands on one yet. You can, however, visit the agency’s website for more of their work.

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