The $1 Million USD Bike

太奢華了~~~ 24K鍍金,並且鑲嵌500金藍寶石600黑鑽石的登山車,大家喜歡嗎???

We’ve already seen a 
$15,000 USD golden skateboard and now we’ve got a $1 million USD extreme mountain bike. The valuation is due to its 24k gold plating, 600 black diamonds encrusted in the emblem and 500 golden sapphires. This has now become the most expensive bicycle in the world as it is completely handcrafted and features unique luxuries such as a customised saddle made from “the finest chocolate brown alligator” and a gold plating covered water bottle “accented with chocolate brown stingray.” The bicycles will be produced in a limited run of just thirteen and can be ordered from The House of Solid Gold.

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