Death Spray Custom x Morvélo

It’s a little known fact that Brush Script, a font designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for the American Type Founders, was used for the original logo of the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 1985 until 2007. It also features prominently behind the new collaboration between cycling kit manufacturer Morvélo and British artist Death Spray Custom and, although named a least favourite font by many discerning typographers, doesn’t look out of place at all.
Brush Script is one of those ‘go-to’ fonts used when none other seem to be available — otherwise why would a typeface reminiscent of every Women’s Weekly ad from the 1950s be chosen? Perhaps it is because the DSC ‘lightning bolt’ pattern is so distinctive that a true contrast is achieved against such a generic font. This is the artist’s own interpretation of the ‘dazzle camouflage‘ that does not try to conceal, but to disrupt, “making it difficult to estimate a target’s range, speed and heading”.
Racing Sports, the logotype displayed in Brush Script, is also the name of DSC’s new venture into racetrack decoration, partnered with Morvélo, Bell Helmets and Icon motorcycle apparel.
Here’s what Morvélo had to say: “We’re honoured to announce the launch of a limited edition range of cycle clothing in collaboration with iconic artist Death Spray Custom (DSC). DSC is a multi discipline artist whose iconic bolt design has been seen on everything from motorbike helmets, boots, racing cars and now as a high performance cycle jersey, bib-shorts and classic cotton cap.” It’s anything but subtle, more a heady mix of fumes and speed.
Head to the Morvélo website for more information and ordering details.

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