BMC Time Machine x Kronk

來看看由約翰內斯堡的插畫家來幫這台BMC Time Machine上的有趣圖裝!
Aerospoke rims, at this point in history, will conjure up a variety of extreme emotions for different riders. We live at the tail end of the ‘fixie’ phenomenon; thankfully there are now a heap of people who are riding bikes than before, and cycling culture is far richer for it. This may be the last colour co-ordinated conversion you see on the pages of Cycle EXIF, but a collaboration between Kronk, a Johannesburg illustrator, his local bike shop and a BMC Time Machine is a high note to finish on.
Kronk works predominantly in a vector format, producing illustrations for various South African campaigns, including a striking timepiece for Vannen Watches, titled Rat Basterd. Local Jo’burg shop, Mike’s Bikes, picked up on the project and contacted Kronk to see if he was interested in applying the artwork to a BMC Time Machine frame, stripped of bottle cages and rear mech hanger. Cycle Art, a family-owned paint shop that has operated in Midvaal for 25 years, applied the graphics.

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