Monocle Team up with Sweden’s BikeID for City Cycle

追求生活品味的Monocle最近與瑞典的BikeID聯手推出一台法飾單速車,鼓勵你去用一個優雅和生活方式來發現你所居住城市~ (好會喲~~~哈哈哈)

Monocle add to their ever-growing ‘lifestyle’ goods store with one of the most lifestylee items of all, a fancy old-school bike. Teaming up with Sweden’s BikeID, this one’s designed for city use, a black step-through frame with leather grips, wire basket and Monocle branding “to encourage you to discover your town in an elegant and eco-friendly way.” A simple, stripped-back cycle for those that prefer a leisurely, off to the farmer’s market ride. Only 5 on offer, pre-order here.

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