Field Cycles x Enve Track Bike

這台Enve Track Bike重頭到腳就是是王者風範,讓人真的很想要啊!!!! $$$ CHING~~~

ENVE manufacture some of the world’s finest carbon fibre rims and components. They’re based in Ogden, Utah, which is where they make 100% of their rims. Their quality control standard are beyond peer, which is why they were compelled to collaborate with the UK’s Field Cycles, who share the same standards, on a special project for the 2014 Berliner Fahrradschau.
Field Cycles are located in the great Steel City of Sheffield and create some of the most visually striking custom frames the country has seen — the result of their in-house paint department, CROMAWORKS. This track bike is no exception, and is a fine clotheshorse for ENVE’s carbon seat post and rims — which are laced to a unique Goldtec prototype stainless hub set.
The frame consists of a mix of Reynolds 853/631 and Columbus Life tubes, “with the use of a Tandem ‘boom-tube’ as the top tube to create a super stiff and precise handling frameset”. The fillet brazed frame shows off not only the work of ENVE, but also that of chief fabricator Harry Harrison. Special thanks to Tom Smith for the photos — see more on the Field Cycles website.

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