Build a Custom Bike With Scatto Italiano

意大利的設計總是是容易把奢華的生活的風格帶入他們手工打造的豪華自行車理 ! Scatto這個意大利品牌,通過他們自己的網站可以讓您定制您的手工自行車 - 一切選擇從顏色、坐墊到車把和設定,來他們的官網看看吧Scatto Italiano>> 。

Italians are known for their seductively smooth style and full-of-life mentality; they always seem to be walking around in a bubble of perpetual coolness. It only makes sense that they would create beautiful luxury bicycles, but Scatto Italiano goes past that and creates handcrafted bikes that you customize through their site — choosing everything from the color and the saddle to the handlebar and controls.

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