Former Nike Design Director Launches CYLO to Redefine Urban Bike Design

Nike 的運動產品設計有目共睹,由 Nike 前設計總監 Eric Duvauchelle 和他的弟弟共同創立的單車公司CYLO,他們的單車 CYLO One 設計又能否吸引你呢?

With performance and style in mind, former Nike Design Director Eric Duvauchelle launched 
CYLO to fill a void in the biking market. Offering a refreshing silhouette, CYLO designed a bike that’s simple and elegant yet functional. “Our mission is to build beautiful bicycles that you can simply jump on and ride without having to think,” said Duvauchelle. Integrating a plethora of technical elements within one frame to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, the CYLO bike features powered head and brake lights, angled to ensure rider visibility. As the lights are pedal-powered, there will always be enough juice to allow the lights to work, while also holding environmental benefits without having to replace batteries. Fenders reduce splash from the wheels, and a carbon belt drive avoids unwanted dirt. The minimalist frame is crafted with lightweight materials, allowing the owner to lift-and-carry easily. Available in red, white and black, head over to CYLO for more details.

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