The Grotesque

畢業於羅德島藝術學院的怪誕設計師Owen Payette McGarry,設計這輛歌德式的單速車,非常有個人的獨創風格,騎出去絕對獨一無二,讓人看了過目不忘了!!

Although his résumé reads ‘Industrial Designer’, I get the impression that there is more to the story of Owen Payette McGarry. A recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he is also a DJ, graphic designer, tool maker, wood worker and, one day, a framebuilder. This is his first frame, appropriately titled The Grotesque.
The term ‘grotesque’ doesn’t necessarily mean ugly, although it has gained that definition since the 18th century. Indeed, from Latin times, it had a similar meaning to arabesque and moresque, referring to foliage patterns and designs of a curved, perhaps pagan, nature. Both architects and archaeologists will recognise grotesques from many ancient buildings.
Inspired by an affinity for the sea, Owen decided he’d prefer a figurehead to a head badge, reminiscent of those found on a galleon’s prow. His roommate, Caleb Colpitts, a jewellery student, sculpted and electroformed the Gargoyle before setting the eyes with green sapphires and the teeth of a skunk. A formidable sight for any oncoming jaywalker.
See more of Owen McGarry’s creativity on his website. Big thanks to Nick Bakovic for the photos.

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