Levi’s Commuter 2014 Spring Collection

Levi’s Commuter presents a small preview of its upcoming Spring 2014 collection. Designed with cyclists in mind, the lineup features a selection of rider-friendly jean cuts, vests and jackets. The jackets in particular will be items to look out for with their flexible contemporary style combined with technical fabrics for added performance both on and off the bike. Stay tuned for more on the collection as its release date approaches.
近年來隨著單車文化的不斷發展,越來越多的品牌開始為騎行者打造專屬單品,由殿堂級牛仔褲品牌Levi's 打造的Commuter 系列,便是其中的佼佼者。日前品牌便正式發布2014 春季系列,在充分考慮騎手穿著體驗的前提下,打造了特殊剪裁的牛仔褲,背心和夾克等單品,讓騎手們在運動之餘也能穿搭有型。該系列將於近日正式發售,感興趣的朋友不妨多加留意。


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