Creux Cycling Apparel - SUMMER CORDURA SHORT

Creux Cycling Apparel 出了一款為夏天專門騎車的牛仔車褲, 透氣耐摩外當然放置大鎖已以手機的位置也位騎士門設計得很妥當,特別是在跨下也設計了有如車褲般軟墊在騎乘上就更加舒適了!!!!

With the same technical featurs of our original LoPro denim short, the Summer Cordura short is the updated 2014 version.  With a 47cm outleg (M/32), this is a shorter style that sits above the knee that is perfect for optimal tan lines.

Featuring a lightweight 305gsm denim ideally suited for summer riding.  It's also the first time we've used Cordura denim which incorporates Invista's T420 Nylon fibre into the fabric, resulting in a denim that is up to 4x more abrasion resistant than 100% cotton.  Perfect for the constant rubbing on the saddle.  Cordura denim retains the authenitic look and feel of regular denim with increased durability and toughness.

Features back and improved from our previous design include the updated reinforced rear and crotch to ensure the denims longevity, in-built d-lock holder and of course our proprietary internal chamois system.

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