Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

來看看這個Zackees Turn Signal Gloves 手套設計,就是把方向燈方在手套上,啟動光源開關就在大拇指旁,讓你不管跑步,騎車,或是滑板都會更安全,可以看看影片示範喲~

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are a pair of gloves that could most certainly save your life. For cyclists, riding through busy streets, especially in the dark, is risky business. Drivers are often oblivious to cyclists, and misread their turning or movement signals.  Its also safe to say that most drivers are not always of what the standard cycling hand signals mean. It can also be said that cyclist are sometimes so focused on the road, they forget to use them. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are working to solve the issues by putting a visibly bright turn signal directly on your hand.


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