Eric Hendren Street Tracker

來欣賞一下這台來自澳洲 ,成立於Established in 1928 的Hoffy Cycles的單車,他們的單車可是很多收藏家都放在口袋名單裡喲~

Any fan of classic Australian bicycles will be familiar with the name of Eric Hendren. Eric was a frame builder who worked at Hoffy Cycles, a Local Bike Shop in Sandgate, Queensland. This exceptionally well-preserved example of Eric’s frames has been re-imagined as a single speed commuter.Established in 1928, Hoffy Cycles is one of Australia’s longest running shops and their proprietary frames, built in-house, are now sought after by collectors, as much for their craftsmanship as for the opportunity to own a piece of Australian cycling history.

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