POP UP! Ultrabox Pop-Up store by Recession, Pietrasanta – Italy

POP UP  Store慢慢的愛歐洲興起,他不但可以快速又以較低成本的去打照一家店,可以隨心所欲的去裝潢他,有何不可ㄋ,還看看意大利這家有趣的單車
POP UP  Store吧!!!

A couple of Italian design and communications people visiting Fuori saw a display piece by 
Recession, a group of designers who experiment with cheap, quick DIY architectural concepts. Intrigued by the possibilities that a low cost quick-assembly unit might have if actually housing something interesting, they got in touch with one of Tuscany’s elite fashion stockists Zoe. And Brooks. Behold the Ultrabox. Designed as a shelter for both notions and objects, it is a ‘pop-up store’, built around a raw plywood frame.

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