來看看這台可愛的GARAGE 271 LIGHTNING ,OLD SCHOOL 的單數登山車,閃電造型車架好亮眼啊!!

With every passing season bicycles, and especially mountain bikes, continue to evolve — whether it’s a chainring that doesn’t drop a chain, a new linkage system or a new wheel size. Simultaneously, there’s an equal interest in the ‘old school’. Every major bike brand with a contracted connection to a forebear of mountain bikes can release a half-assed nostalgic ‘klunker’, but Germany’s Garage 271 actually did it right — inspired by true passion, rather than a quick buck.
While still in prototype stage, Frank and Ollie from Garage 271 are taking pre-orders on the ‘Lightning’, a rock-solid hunk of double-and-triple butted 4130 chromoly tubing. They’ve taken cues from the ‘camelback’ frames of Marin County, added a stack of rake and trail and backed it up with a three-piece crankset and sealed bearing flip-flop hubs. Frank gave it a good workout at both the skate park and the local trails to prove it’s no show pony, it’s built to shred.
Contact Ollie and Frank through the Garage 271 website for pricing a pre-order information.


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